Cancer: Early Detection

Cancer remains a deadly and devastating disease confronting modern medicine.
Everest Detection aims to detect cancer when it is still curable - at its earliest stages.

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Our Mission

Everest Detection seeks to dramatically change cancer patients’ lives for the better.

Our mission is to detect cancer early, when diagnosis and treatment results in dramatically improved survival rates.

The time is now

The mechanisms of cancer are complex; however, cutting edge life science technologies allow us to seize the opportunity to develop ground-breaking tests in the early detection of cancer.

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    Cell, Molecular &
    Cancer Biology

    Advances in our understanding of the mechanisms of disease for early stage cancer have enabled new methods of detection beyond traditional diagnostic methods.

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    Detection Technology

    Progress in nucleotide sequencing, single cell detection, microRNA, proteomics, and other technology platforms provide an opportunity for new cutting edge early detection technologies to be developed.

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    Commitment to patients and clinical outcomes

    Everest Detection seeks to bring these foundational technologies to bear in creating products that will change patients lives for the better.

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Early Detection Makes All the Difference

5 Year Survival Rate for Patients Diagnosed with Stage IIIB Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

5 Year Survival Rate for Patients Diagnosed with Stage IA2 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Individuals at high risk of lung cancer who stand to benefit from early detection and diagnosis

Source: American Cancer Society

  • Our Culture

    We value integrity, excellence, respect, and collaboration. We believe in a highly meritocratic culture. We empower individuals to seek their best. Above all else, we are passionate about the opportunity to change patient lives for the better.


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